Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostředek expands further with a logistics health kick for dm drogerie markt

For dm drogerie markt, efficient warehousing and logistics operations are a top priority. That’s why the company has moved into new space at Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostředek, where unique features and Prologis’ customer-centric approach will help it achieve even greater operational efficiency.

dm drogerie markt moved into building DC2 in Ostředek at the end of February. The company currently operates 256 stores in the Czech Republic, and required a tailored logistics space with specific solutions to meet its warehousing requirements. dm also needed a space close to its other distribution centers, boosting efficiency for its entire distribution network.

Tailored solutions in the facility include an automatic packing line, enabling the wrapping of pallets and the application of labels at a rapid rate, responding to the high packaging capacity required in dm drogerie markt’s operations. The machine automatically starts the wrapping cycle and sends a signal when the process is complete, saving the time of at least two co-workers who can focus on other activities. It’s an example of how Prologis works with customers to deliver solutions specifically intended to enable and enhance their operations.

“We are thrilled to move into this modern distribution center, fitted out with solutions aimed at boosting our operations,” says Petr Vaněček from dm. “At the same time, we will benefit from a location that’s ideally situated to link up with our existing distribution network. We’re looking forward to working from Ostředek as a base for supplying our stores throughout the Czech Republic and our Czech online shop for years to come.”

In a transaction brokered by Cushman & Wakefield, dm’s new distribution center, including warehouse space and related administrative facilities, covers over 21,000 square meters. An increasingly popular location on the Czech logistics map, Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostředek provides easy access to the Czech capital as well as other major markets in the Czech Republic and abroad.

dm drogerie markt’s new space also delivers advanced sustainability solutions to help the company operate efficiently and boost environmental protection, including heat pumps, smart LED lighting, and preparations for the installation of an on-site solar power plant. As a dynamic new park, Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostředek delivers a sustainable environment for all customers who call it home, including through a gas-free power supply.

This comprehensive approach to sustainability has led to dm’s space being accredited at the Very Good level by BREEAM.

“dm drogerie markt’s new space is everything that a modern logistics space should be: ideally situated, fitted out with tailored solutions, and equipped with state-of-the-art sustainability solutions,” says Anna Jůzová, Leasing Manager at Prologis. “Working together with dm to create the perfect warehouse solution for the company has been a pleasure for the entire Prologis team. We look forward to continuing to support their day-to-day operations at this special park.”