Parking possibilities now a deal-breaker for Prague home buyers, survey finds

Car parking opportunities are a major factor among prospective home buyers in Prague, especially among car owners. A new survey by SHD Real Estate found that over two-thirds of car-owning prospective buyers see private parking as a priority during their decision-making process.

SHD Real Estate, a developer responsible for the Rezidence Klíčov project in Prague’s Vysočany, surveyed 510 residents of Prague, Prague-East and Prague-West to discover decisive factors when buying a home in the Czech capital. Parking accessibility emerged as a key issue among the survey’s wide variety of respondents aged 18-64.

As many as 72% of Prague households said that they own at least one car and that the possibility of safe parking is among their priorities. 59% of all respondents, and 67% of car-owners, highlighted private parking as a significant factor when choosing a home. 87% of respondents, meanwhile, feel compelled by the offer of free garage parking when buying a new flat.

“This data underscores the importance of incorporating ample parking services to meet the needs of residents,” said Roger Dunlop, CEO at SHD Real Estate. “In this context, we’re proud to incorporate free parking for future residents at Rezidence Klíčov, ensuring convenience and enhanced quality of life for all kinds of residents.”

Beyond parking and price considerations, other decisive factors in home-purchasing decisions revealed by the survey include location (61% of respondents), layout (40%), accessibility via public transport (32%), and the presence of parks and greenery in the surroundings (18%).

“Aside from essential amenities such as substantial garage parking, Rezidence Klíčov offers a host of benefits enabling great quality of life in the city,” said Roger Dunlop. “Proximity to abundant green spaces, a central location, and excellent accessibility make this an ideal choice for residents seeking a balanced and convenient urban lifestyle.”

Rezidence Klíčov is an example of these considerations coming together in a new Prague development. Set on a hillside at the intersection of Nad Klíčovem and Pod Krocínkou streets, Rezidence Klíčov will provide copious green surroundings, with Sady na Klíčově, Klíčovský Háj and Květinové Hřiště all nearby. Excellent public transport connectivity is meanwhile ensured by the proximity of Vysočanská metro and bus stations the Praha-Vysočany train station nearby, and easy access to the D8 and D10 highways.

The project will consist of 54 units across three multi-story buildings, providing high quality homes for singles, couples, and families alike. Construction of the site began in February of 2024 in Vysočany, Prague 9.