MasterCard Announces Priceless Causes Campaign across Central Eastern Europe to Support United Nations World Food Programme

MasterCard announced that it will run a Priceless Causes campaign across 11 countries in Central Eastern Europe[1] to support the World Food Programme’s school feeding programme in Rwanda. This is the first time that MasterCard has included so many countries from one region in its efforts to support the World Food Programme (WFP) and help build a world with zero hunger.

One transaction, one school meal 

From 23–29 November, MasterCard cardholders across the eleven participating countries will generate an automatic donation from MasterCard whenever making a transaction[1]. Each donation to WFP is enough to provide a school meal to a child in Rwanda, where a recent nutrition report found that 43 percent of children under age five are chronically malnourished. School meals are vital sources of nutrition for children and help keep them in school. Together with its customers, MasterCard is committed to donating the value of up to 3.75 million school meals to WFP through this initiative.

Doing well by doing good is our common responsibility. This is why we want to support children in Rwanda with daily school meals. MasterCard cardholders across Central Eastern Europe will be able to help give them the energy and strength they need to focus on their education. At the same time, the locally sourced school meals will help support both the local economy and family farmers. The impact we can make, one transaction at a time, is huge, and together we can help improve thousands of children’s lives,” said George Simon, Division President of Central Eastern Europe at MasterCard.

Thanks to our partner MasterCard, people across Central Eastern Europe can now easily make a real difference in a child’s life just by using their card,” said Jay Aldous, WFP Director of Private Sector Partnerships. This initiative is an excellent example of what’s possible when the private sector applies a core business competency to help change the world.

[1] For each MasterCard transaction from 23–29 November 2015, the value of one school meal will be donated to the World Food Programme, up to 3.75 million meals. In Serbia and Bulgaria, the donation will be made for contactless transactions only.

[1] Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia