iPILOT Brings Second Flight Simulator Model to Prague

The Boeing 737 has been cleared for landing!

PRAGUE, 19 October 2015 – iPILOT, the first affordable and easily accessible international chain of flight simulators, today announced that it will be adding a second passenger aircraft model, the Boeing 737, to its location in central Prague during November.

In addition to the already-popular Airbus A320, Czech aviation fans now have the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying a Boeing 737 airliner, alongside a qualified instructor, to and from any of 24,000 replicated airports around the world, without ever leaving Prague.

 “Most flight simulator facilities are located in or around airports or airline company premises, meant specifically for the use of pilots and pilots-in-training,” said Wolfram Schleuter, founder and CEO of iPILOT. “Our goal is not only to provide the most realistic in-flight experience, but also to make it more accessible and affordable to people who might otherwise never have the chance to enjoy it – and now they can choose between two of the most popular aircraft models on the market today.”

The new Boeing 737 simulator offers a to-scale cockpit, complete with video screens that recreate the spectacular airborne views of real flight paths. The flight deck is a life size replica of the Boeing 737, and its overhead panel is fully functional.

“From aviation buffs to those just looking to try something new, the iPILOT experience is utterly unique in that the overall effects, cockpit, and navigation technology all work in tandem to create such a life-like simulation, that commercial pilots often use our facilities to log training hours,” adds Wolfram. “In bringing this new addition to Prague, and now with two simulators, we hope to form an aviation centre in the heart of Prague, easily accessible to everyone.”

iPilot is open daily from 10:00-19:00. Gift vouchers, as the perfect gift for your ‘special someone’ or the aviation enthusiast in your life, are available for purchase and reservations can be made online at www.flyipilot.cz/shop/ or via phone at (+420) 228 882 287. Timed sessions begin at 15 minutes and range to three hours – no skill or previous experience is necessary.

iPILOT also offers a range of special sessions, including a fear of flying programme, a romantic experience complete with a bottle of sparkling wine served ‘on board,’ and is fully prepared to host corporate and team building events. For more information and a full list of prices, please visit www.flyipilot.cz.