Dove introduces new purifying shower gel with clay.

Detox your skin!

Healthy skin all year!

City smog, fast food and a lack of sleep can all damage your health and also your skin. Say goodbye to clogged pores with Dove’s new shower gel with an active clay ingredient. It gently removes impurities caused by unhealthy air and leaves glossy clean skin.

Clay is brilliant for deep skin cleansing due to ability to absorb impurities. It acts as a magnet for dirt and oil. The new Dove gels with clay have been designed to give your skin the detox it needs.

Dove Purifying Detox

The first shower gel with moisturizing cream and green clay, which contains a lot of minerals. Unlike other clay masks on the face, shower gel has a cream texture that is easily spread on your body. The shower gels also contain microscopic particles that remove everyday dirt and toxins from the skin.

Dove Renewing Glow

The second shower gel made with pink clay and also contains moisturizing cream. This causes the skin to feel smooth and have a healthy shine. Dove’s Renewing Glow with pink clay returns energy and life to tired looking skin.

Aromatherapy scent

Both of Dove’s creamy gels with clay have a delicate scent that eliminates everyday stress and give you time to relax. The green clay brings a fresh and pure scent with cucumber undertones. The second gel will bring you into the world of a luxury perfumery and will cover your whole body with the smell of sweet perfume.

Recommended retail price of shower gel (250 ml) is 89.90 CZK